Workshops (throughout the year)

  • Annual New Year’s Day Practice 

An invigorating, balanced practice to bring in the New Year with vibrancy and sense of wellbeing. Free to all current and previous students. Enjoy a vegan Golden Milk following our 90 minute practice. 

  • Introduction to Iyengar Yoga Course

A series of three 75 minute classes designed to introduce new students to the fundamentals of Yoga as taught in this tradition. Suitable for all levels.

  • Introduction to Ropes (Yoga Kurunta)

Explore practice with support, challenge, depth and traction that rope work offers. Explore each category of asana (standing, forward extension, inversion, back extension, twisting). Suitable for all levels.

  • Developing a Home Practice 

Learn to prepare, sequence, and choose the poses to best serve your daily needs so that you may develop a home practice with sensitivity and intelligence. Learn the necessary skills to acquire the strength and stability that comes from regular practice while home or away.

  • Seasonal Detox

Preparation for change circulate, detoxify and invigorate the systems of the body with a practice focusing on twisting and inversions.

  • Chair Yoga

Investigate how the use of props can inform the actions of the body in practice. Find new understanding and opening in familiar yoga poses.

Dates to be announced

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